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Sebastopol Pilates
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A foundation for physical vitality

Private Instruction, Reformer and Equipment Classes

165 N. Main St. Sebastopol Ca, 95472

Pilates Studio /Fully equipped 

Sebastopol Pilates at 165 N. Main St. is a haven for Pilates practitioners, fitness enthusiasts and individuals seeking a holistic powerful approach to physical and mental well-being in a private setting. Situated in the heart of downtown Sebastopol, entrance on Main Street above Sprint Copy and Print shop, this light filled fully equipped Pilates studio offers high quality Pilates private and group instruction that goes beyond the conventional fitness routine.


At Sebastopol Pilates, clients are treated to a comprehensive range of all Pilates spring loaded equipment and props, including reformers. The studio's commitment to top-of-the-line Balanced Body apparatus allows individuals to challenge themselves and experience the full benefits of Pilates, ie; improved strength, flexibility, posture appearance, balance, alignment and overall health.


Led by 2 Sebastopol locals since opening in 2017 and keeping the  business alive through the pandemic, Melissa Bechtel and Juliana Carlson, are a team of highly skilled and certified Pilates instructors. Sebastopol Pilates focuses on building a strong foundation for physical and mental vitality.


Build all muscles for a balanced body and get stronger. Give your body space to move, breath, and function better. Celebrate the experience of moving and breathing.

Pilates is fun for all ages and levels to enjoy working out with out joint pain. 


The Sebastopol Pilates studio established in 2017 has the perfect atmosphere to get stronger with fully certified intelligent instruction from Melissa Bechtel and Juliana Carlson.  We love working  so you can build the power you need. Located at 165 N. Main St. in beautiful Sebastopol, Ca. Our upstairs 1000 sq. ft. studio is private and fully equipped with spring loaded equipment; reformers, wunda chairs, spring boards, Cadillac and CoreAlign. We offer body and life changing ​instruction. We offer individual sessions and group classes.

Reformer Pilates
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